BlueStacks Tweaker: Full Guide to Earn Money

Hello, Recharge Addict Lovers! Many of you know that some android apps provide free recharge for installing apps, referring friends, etc. However, you can avail these offers only one time per device. So you need multiple devices with different IMEI numbers to avail these offers for unlimited times. Here is the solution! If you have installed Bluestack & BS Tweaker on your PC/Laptop, then you can earn unlimited recharge, Because using BS Tweaker you can create multiple devices with different IMEI numbers.

About BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Android emulator for Windows/Mac which allows you to run Android apps and play android games on your PC in full-screen mode for the most gaming experience.

What is BS Tweaker?

BS Tweaker is a simple tool which is used to edit GUID, Google Advertising ID and Android ID and many others which play a primary role in earning unlimited free recharge. Using this tool we can simply change the values to spoof a new device, so the app will identify your bluestacks as a new device.

How To Use Rooted Bluestacks and BS Tweaker?

I. First of all download Rooted Versions

II. Install Bluestacks on your PC/Laptop

III. Now run BS Tweaker in administrator mode

IV. Follow the process instructed below

1. Click on “Start BS”
2. Now Click on “Change” to Change the GUID
3. Then Click on  “Change” to Change Google Advertising ID
4. Now Click on “Change” to Change Android ID then click on “Random” and press “OK.”
5. Choose the Device Model on bottom right corner
6. Press “OK.”
(Step 5 and 6 is not necessary for all tricks, you can skip these two steps)
7. Click on “Full Stop.”
8. Tick mark in box (Check the image)
9. Then a notification pop up will show up, on that pop-up Click on “OK.”
10. Click on “Ok” for Data Format
11. Click on “Ok” for SD Card Format
12. Now click on “Start BS” and Enjoy!
V. Repeat the steps from 1-12 each time to create a new device and enjoy offers over and over again.

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