Airtel V fiber Broadband Will Give You Up to 100 Mbps Speed

Introducing Airtel V fiber Plans. Airtel has launched ‘V-Fiber” technology that offers up to 100 Mbps speed. Existing Airtel broadband customer can now get superfast v fiber speeds at no extra monthly cost. They require only modem change. New users will get an extensive three-month trial (free internet) offer with unlimited local and STD calls to any network.

Update: After Chennai, Airtel V-Fiber launched in Mumbai with plans starting at Rs.899

Airtel V fiber Broadband Plans

What is Airtel V-FIBER?

V-Fiber is a unique combination of fiber and Vectorization technology that delivers super fast speed. That means faster downloads, less buffering, and an ultra-reliable Wi-Fi connection for all the devices in your home.

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Airtel V fiber Broadband Plans

Note: Below mentioned V fiber plans are only for Chennai and might vary for other cities

Monthly PlansFUP (GB)Speed (Up to)Unlimited Calls
(Local & STD)

For Mumbai, The V-Fiber plans start from Rs 899

You can also choose below mentioned Airtel V-Fiber Plans (Chennai):

  • Rs.2299 plan: 275GB
  • Rs.2399 Plan: 300GB
  • Rs.2449 Plan: 350GB
  • Rs.2499 Plan: 375GB
  • Rs.2849 Plan: 450GB
  • Rs.2999 Plan: 500GB
  • Rs.3499 Plan: 600GB
  • Rs.3649 Plan: 650GB
  • Rs.3999 Plan: 750GB
  • Rs.4499 Plan: 875GB
  • Rs.4999 Plan: 1000GB

How to get Broadband Connection?

For New Users:  New users will get the benefit of unlimited three-month trial (free internet). You have to pay Rs.1000 as a one-time fee on the modem. Also if you are unsatisfied with this service, then you will get a refund within the first month of use. They also are offering unlimited voice calling to any network throughout India.

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Existing Broadband Users: If you have a broadband connection, then you need to upgrade to V FIBER. Means you have to change your modem.

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You can enjoy super speed net on all the devices in your home. Simultaneously, now you can download a movie within minutes. Make video calls with zero lag. Download songs at the snap of your fingers. Download or upload large files without any worry. Stream your favourite videos without any buffer.

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Available Cities

Currently, Airtel V fiber offer is available in Chennai and Mumbai and will be deployed across 87 cities in coming weeks beginning with Delhi and NCR, and Bengaluru.

9 thoughts on “Airtel V fiber Broadband Will Give You Up to 100 Mbps Speed”

  1. My home is in small village which is 200 km far from hyderabad. I want to take Vfiber. It can be work in my village..?? We have normal airtel signal there..

  2. Yeah I’m currently airtel user in Chennai submitted the request got a call from airtel stating that it may take upto 3 months for vfiber implementation.Better opt for ACT it may take few months to get launched

    • Really!! I thought people of Chennai are already enjoying the V-Fiber broadband from Airtel. I am myself an existing Airtel broadband user and so I wanted to know the upgradation cost of the modem. But to my surprise even you people in Chennai don’t have the service.

  3. Living in Chennai. Submitted the request and got a call from Airtel today and they told that it will take 2 to 3 more months for this. So, Airtel is not ready in Chennai itself and is giving false news to attract the customers due to fierce competition. Better go for ACT which gives very high speeds.


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