Aadhar Payment App: The Secure Way To Pay Cashlessly

You may use many online payment provider apps like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, etc. However, this time, Indian Government has taken the most secure way to pay without cash. It is called Aadhar Payment app. Where you can pay even offline by just using your Aadhar Card Number.

Aadhar Payment App

Just after the ban of Indian 500 & 1000 currency notes, we can see a big spike in the use of digital payment provider apps. The government is also trying to make a cashless economy in India to decrease Black Money. Now, no third party companies, Indian Government itself has launched Aadhar Payment app.

It uses a Biometric machine which scans your fingerprint when you buy from any merchant. So, it is hundred times secure than other digital wallets. To pay money, you just need your fingerprint and aadhar card number. You can pay without any internet connection.

Aadhar Payment App has been created by the Indian government with the association of several banks like IDFC, UIDAI & National Corporation of India. The app is available on Google Play Store from 25th December 2016.

Getting Started With Aadhar Payment App

When you go to any shop and purchase something, you have to tell your Aadhar card number to the shopkeeper, and they will ask you for your fingerprint. When the scanning is completed, money will be transferred from your account to merchant’s bank account. It is very straightforward and easy to use. However, to take advantage of this service, you must link your aadhar card with your bank account from which you want to pay from.

How Can Merchants Receive Money?

1) At first, download Aadhar payment app from Google Play Store or your official app store.

2) Now, you have to connect a biometric fingerprint scanner machine with your phone. If your phone contains a fingerprint scanner, then you can go with it. Moreover, if not, then buy an external fingerprint scanner machine.

3) Open the app and enter payer’s aadhar card number, amount and ask him/her to give fingerprint on your biometric machine.

4) Once scanning complete. The money will be credited to your aadhar card linked bank account from your customer’s account.

Aadhar Payment app also includes an option to send money without a fingerprint. Using it, you can directly send money to your family members or friends. However, both the merchant and customer need to link their bank account with aadhar card.

Benefit Of Using Aadhar Payment App To Transfer Money

Usually, we use our credit & debit cards to pay or recharge our digital wallets. Moreover, most of the cards are made by third party companies like VISA, Master Card, Mastro Card. Moreover, they charge for using their service when you spend money using your card. However, in Aadhar payment app, there are no third party companies to pay for. So you do not have to pay extra charges for using your cards.

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