ATM with Cash: Find ATM Near you with Cash within 1 Minute

Hello, Recharge Addict lovers, after the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes finding an ATM with cash is a daunting task. After waiting hours & hours in ATMs only a few lucky peoples gets the cash. Nearly 65% people’s return home empty handed without any money. It is not the worst experience; sometimes individuals wait on ATM’s which don’t have any cash on it. Everybody want to know which ATM have cash so they can use it. But before yesterday there was no solution for it but now there is a way to find ATM near you with cash.

atm with cash

A website called come into the internet world which has the information about the availability of money in ATM’s in India. So let’s see the process to use this website to find ATM with cash near you:

How to Find ATM with Cash Using

  1. Go to, click here to go the website
  2. Now just enter your areas PIN code on the search bar of the site and press Find Cash
  3. That’s it; now you can see which ATM near you have cash.

ATM with Cash

Tips: If you don’t see a result for your PIN code, please enter a nearby PIN code of your area.

About CashNoCash Website

The website update the real time status of the ATM’s. In the nearby neighbourhood which has cash or not, through the crowdsourcing based on the user’s feedback and lets you know which of the ATM’s have cash, which of them went dry and which of them have queues and how long they are.

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  1. Plz don’t gv wrong information ok I’m searching all ATM’S but. ….plz Prm minister Mr modi cm n stand in abank line n search ATM’S. Den u known wt is money problem.
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