Idea Ultimate Postpaid Plans 2017: Upto 12GB Data, Unlimited Calling

Free 4G internet service of Reliance Jio is ending this 31st March 2017. And then it will be paid for users. Though prime members will get the same service at a low price; but for ordinary users, it will just a bit cheaper than other operators. Jio is expecting that around 40 to 50 million subscribers will leave their service after 31 March. And now, every other telecom operators are taking advantage of it. This time, Idea is going to launch two exclusive plans for Idea postpaid users called Idea Ultimate Postpaid Plans.

Idea Ultimate Postpaid Plans

Idea Ultimate Postpaid Plans 2017

Recently, we got to know that Idea and Vodafone is going to combine to fight with Reliance Jio. But these two plans are fully launched by Idea itself only. Idea has decided to give 3 GB of 3G/4G data with these new postpaid plans. But the price of data usage will be free of cost. This 3 GB free data will be available with new Idea Rs 499 and Idea Rs 999 ultimate postpaid plans.

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Idea Rs 499 Postpaid Plan Details

In this Idea Rs 499 plan, users will get 3 GB of 4G data if the user uses a 4G handset. But, for 3G handset users, it will be 1 GB of 3G data. Both 3G and 4G users will get extra 1 GB data for free as Idea Acquisition Offer. Idea is also offering 3 GB of free data extra for those users who will upgrade their Idea sim from 3G to 4G. The validity of that extra 3 GB data will be 31st December 2017. So, after a calculation, you will get total 7 GB of data at a low price of Rs 499 only.

Idea Rs 999 Postpaid Plan Details

This is a new postpaid plan. Postpaid users will get 8 GB of 4G data if they are using a 4G handset. And for 3G handset users, it will be 5 GB 3G data. And the good news is, Idea will give extra 1 GB data for free as Acquisition Offer. For users who will upgrade their connection from 3G network to 4G, they will get extra 3 GB 4G data for free as upgrade bonus. Total 12 GB data will be given with this plan.

Call, SMS and Roaming Charges Will Be Free Also

This is another surprise of this two Idea postpaid plans. Under Idea 999 & 499 Ultimate Plans, users will get unlimited Local + STD calling minutes, 3000 Local + STD SMS and free incoming call when roaming. Not only these, but the user will also get a free subscription of Idea movies and music. Rs 999 Postpaid Plan user will get an extra facility. That’s free outgoing calls on roaming.

So, if we compare this two Idea Ultimate Postpaid Plans with other operator’s exclusive plans, then it’s not so different than others. Previously, all the other major telecom operators like Airtel, BSNL and Vodafone has also launched this type of plans. So, thought Idea is offering great benefits with these two Idea Ultimate Postpaid plans, this journey will be competitive for Idea to beat other operators.

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