Reliance Jio’s Rs 999 LYF Feature Phone Leaked Video

We have heard about Reliance Jio’s cheapest phone “Jio LYF Easy” from last year. Just at the same time of releasing Jio sim cards and their free 4G service, Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani also started selling their in-house smartphones named LYF. And to boost the sale of those LYF branded phones, they started providing the free high-speed 4G internet with them. Buy later on, until the end of the last year 2016, we heard about Jio LYF feature phone. And now, we have seen a leaked video of that phone again, and it’s from the popular Hindi tech channel of India, called Technical Guruji.

Jio LYF Feature Phone

On the video, we can see the admin of the channel, Gaurav holding the Jio feature phone in his hand. Though the footage was short and we do not know how he managed the phone or even the phone is real or fake one. But the phone in his hand looks like a pre-production model of the original LYF feature phone which is going to release in upcoming days or weeks.

About Reliance Jio LYF Feature Phone

The phone comes with a regular keypad like other features phone available in the market. But we noticed an LYF brand logo at the back of the phone. But there is also a camera. Maybe it was a VGA camera like other ordinary feature phones.

But the speciality of the phone is being a feature phone it can communicate with the 4G VoLTE network. That means it is a Jio sim supported device. The other fact about the phone is, it is powered by a huge size battery with long talk time.

Though we also saw a leaked image of Jio feature phone earlier in this year. But the phone featured on the video of Technical Guruji channel is slightly different from that phone. The earlier leaked image shows that there is some special key with Jio printed on the keys of the phone. But we can not see those keys on the phone which was featured on Technical Guruji channel.

Jio LYF Feature Phone

So, we are still confused about the real form of actual Rs 999 phone. As of now, we can only wait for the announcement from the company. Though the phone provide 4G VoLTE network support, then also it will be a secondary phone of the users who will buy it, because it is not a smartphone. We can only use it to download something or simple calling, messaging and listening music. It contains a VGA camera. So, the camera quality is also poor than today’s advanced smartphones.

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