How to Create and Activate a PayPal Account for Indian Users?

PayPal is an online money transfer system by which you can send and receive money from abroad. These days many apps give referral credit through PayPal that’s why I’m writing this guide to help you out! Not only that if you want to buy something from abroad like a hosting service (like BlueHost) for your blog you will need a credit card or an active PayPal account, in India everyone knows getting a credit card is not an easy task. That’s why having an active PayPal account in India is must have thing if you are thinking about doing some online work! So let’s get started.

Steps to Create an Active PayPal Account

1. First, you need to go to PayPal India sign up page, click here for sign up page
2. Then select the account type you want to create, you can choose “Individual account” or “Business account”, for personal use choose Individual account

Paypal India
3. Now enter your details like your name and e-mail ID then create a password and click on continue.
4. Now you are account is almost ready but you will need to confirm your e-mail ID and for that check your e-mail inbox after sign up and click on the verification link PayPal send to you to verify your e-mail ID.
5. Then also add your mobile number to your PayPal account and verify it by entering the OTP send by PayPal in your mobile number.
6. Now just enter your debit card details (All debit cards are not accepted by PayPal, you can use ICICI bank debit card) in your account and you are all set to send money to anywhere from India. That’s it now you can send money to anywhere in the world from India via PayPal but to receive money from abroad you need to complete some extra steps.

Now to receive money from abroad you will need to do these steps

1. First, add your PAN card (PAN account) number on your PayPal account. (Your PayPal account name and pan card name must be same)
2. Now you will need to add your bank details which are your bank account number and bank IFSC code

paypal bank detail form
3. Then wait for 3-5 days and check your bank account regularly, PayPal will send you a small amount of deposit which you will need to enter in your PayPal account dashboard to verify your account number.
4. After entering the small deposit amount you need to choose PayPal purpose code! For referral and affiliate commission choose “Advertising and market research” as a purpose code from the list. And that’s it your PayPal India account is fully activated now.


1. Before adding your ICICI debit card in PayPal you will need to activate your card for international transactions! To activate your card send a text message INTL to 5676766 from your ICICI bank registered mobile number
2. You can’t send/receive money from other Indian PayPal account holder.

9 thoughts on “How to Create and Activate a PayPal Account for Indian Users?”

  1. Hello Bhabesh sir, it is necessary to have account in ICICI bank only? because i have an account in other bank not ICICI.
    If there is other option please tell me that bank name.

  2. I linked my icici visa debit card successfully by enabling international transactions by calling up the bank. But I am unable to link the same icici bank account number. It says sorry not able to process. Will I get international payments directly to my debit card ?…or do I really need the account number linked to get my paypal balance transferred?

    • If you just want to send payment then linking your ICICI debit card is enough. But if you want to receive international payment then you need to link the bank account too!

  3. I bought a PayPal account from Auction Essistance, but having issues trying to get money out since I do not have a USA bank. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Hello,bhabesh sir.i want to know which banks are attach with paypal?can you please provide an all indian bank list?my account is in the goverment bank.i tried union bank account link with paypal.they told me”we are unable to process your request.please try again letter.”what can i do?my paypal account almost done but linking account process pending.plz solve my query as possible.thanks for everytime support.

    • Hey soeb currently these bank support paypal in India, you can use any of these bank: Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Indian Bank.


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