BHIM App Cashback Offer 2018: Send Rs 1 & Get Rs 51 Cashback

Indian Government once again launched BHIM app cashback offer where users can get Rs 51 cashback by just sending Rs 1 to any other existing Bhim app user. Many of you may already use UPI apps, then why not use BHIM app, after all, Indian Govt itself launches it. So the security must be top notch. Along with that, you can now get amazing cashback also from BHIM app.

bhim app cashback offer

BHIM App Cashback Offer 2018

Now users can earn up to Rs 750 cashback from BHIM UPI app by doing several activities. By providing these cashback offers, Govt wants to onboard more users with BHIM app. Currently, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Tez, etc. already offering various incentives but why use third-party services when our govt has it’s own.

BHIM app has set cashback in a different amount of transaction. Firstly, for the new users, they can avail Rs 51 cashback when they send at least Rs 1 to any other user who is using BHIM app through UPI. After that, if any user sends more than Rs 100 to any Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or UPI ID or bank account or mobile no, they will again receive Rs 25 cashback. This incentive is limited to Rs 500 per thirty days.

Then again, if users continue to use BHIM app for their regular transactions, they will be rewarded more cashback. Like if users make more than 25 and less than 50 transactions, they will be given Rs 100 cashback. And if the user continues to make more than 50 transactions a month, they will get Rs 200 cashback. And Rs 250 cashback will be credited to the bank account of the users if they make between 50 and 100 transactions. That’s already a lot, and this amount will be credited to the account directly, and users can use it as real cashback and spend according to their need for wherever they want without any restrictions.

bhim app cashback offer

How to Get Rs 51 Cashback By Sending Rs 1 From BHIM App?

The whole process is very easy. Follow the steps given below:

Note: Valid On First Ever BHIM App Transaction 

  • First of all, install and open BHIM app on your phone.
  • Select your sim card which is registered with your bank account.
  • Then verify your number via one-time password.
  • After that, set your four digit pin code for security purpose.
  • Remember it because this pin will be needed every time you will use the BHIM app.
  • It will automatically connect your bank account and show you the balance.
  • Then you can send Rs 1 to anyone who is using BHIM app.
  • Once you sent Rs 1, Rs 51 cashback will be given within 24 hours.
  • That’s it. The amount will be credited to your bank account directly.
  • You can now spend it where you want.

BHIM App Cashback Offer For Merchants

Merchants can also receive payments from their customers through BHIM app. And Indian Government also want more merchants to join BHIM app and collect payments through this platform. That’s why they are also incentivising the merchants who will receive more payments.

Merchants will receive 10% of the transactions worth up to Rs 50 each. They also need to get at least 10 transactions with minimum Rs 25 of value each. For bank merchants, BHIM app will provide up to Rs 50 cashback again who will get minimum 5 transactions worth at least Rs 25 each.

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