Jio HoloBoard: Everything You Need to Know About Jio’s MR Headset

As we come closer to the launch of Jio Fiber service with its welcome offer nationwide, another one of Jio’s much-awaited Holoboard device interest also increases among the masses. Jio is launching the Jio Holoboard device which would enable its user to enjoy content in Virtual Reality(VR) but only with Jio Fiber broadband. This device would allow users to create a 3D image of an object they want to view, whether in terms of education, home entertainment and video calling.

Jio HoloBoard MR Headset

Jio’s MR headset is named Jio Holoboard that allows users to experience mixed reality in different categories such as entertainment, shopping, education. Tessaract, the company behind it all was purchased by Jio a while ago and together with their team focused on 3D Virtual Reality service, the vision of conversing with someone as a 3D representation will become a reality. Coming from Jio this might just be the next revolutionary change in communication services of masses in India. But what we don’t know for now is whether this will be Jio Fiber exclusive service or a common to all service. Only time will give the answer to that.


The launch took place in Reliance’s General Meet ceremony where pricing details are said to be pretty affordable. We don’t know for sure what the official pricing will be but it will be somewhere around the Rs 2000 mark.


This device from Jio will probably be available for purchase by anyone among the masses. However, if the demand goes really high, we might see flash sales and online registrations for buying a one. Most probably we will be able to purchase it through Jio’s official site. As of now, nothing is certain, but as a customer, it will be easier if it is readily available for purchase.

Online Booking

Once Jio Holoboard booking starts, you will be able to book easily. You will need to head over to the, just click on the banner that showing the MR headset. After that, provide all required details such as your name, full address etc and then order it online.

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